Shane Grammer is a multi-disciplinary artist who uses; spray-paint, metal, CAD, steel, and concrete to communicate the unction held in the heart of each client. Shane works closely with patrons. He seeks to hear and understand the needs of every customer so he obtains ultimate results. Shane creates works of art that capture the very essence of that wishing to be expressed. As a bonus, viewers of his work marvel and express their gratitude for his careful attention to detail and the powerful emotions that emanate out of each creation.

Shane has designed and created; street art murals, art installations, scenic fabrications, sculptures, vertical concrete sculptures and more. His art ranges from large to gigantic as well as from; artistic, musical, cultural, political, religious, to sports icons and everything in between.   There is no concept too big, small or fantastical for Shane to consider.

Please see below for snippets of Shane’s previous works (more samples upon request):

Banana With Duct Tape Art Installation – The Bank, Sacramento, California

“If I call it Art, it’s Art. If I hang it in a museum, it’s Art”
– Marcel Duchamp


The backstory: At Art Basel in Miami, Florida in 2019, Italian absurdist artist Maurizio Cattelan’s Duchampian conceptual piece titled Comedian (better known to the masses by the key search words “Art Basel Banana”) went viral. The piece is essentially this: a real banana duct taped to the Art Basel gallery wall. “The genius of Cattelan’s banana is that it draws out the mainstream media’s suspicion that all contemporary art is a type of emperor’s new clothes foisted on rich people,” ( – gallery owner and art dealer Bill Powers, Vogue) The story goes that two editions of the piece sold for a whopping $120,000 a piece. In an additional mind-blowing layer of meta conceptual art, on the morning of December 7, performance artist David Datuna casually removed the banana from the wall and ate it. He titled his piece Hungry Artist, and said that he would have eaten the $120K banana sooner, but he wasn’t hungry yet. When asked how the banana tasted he was reported as having said, “It tasted like $120,000.”

Shane Grammar caught wind of the famed Miami banana and he knew he had to create a sculpture as a sort-of homage to the piece. He took great delight in the novelty of seeing a giant banana duct taped to the side of a wall. Shane initially created several two-foot long prototypes of Cattelan’s banana, and had them mounted in public places only to have them stolen shortly thereafter. He knew then that he would need to recreate the piece on a larger scale, and mount it even higher to deter any potential thievery. Shane got to work, and in about a week, completed the five-foot tall banana with duct tape, which was constructed of sculpted foam over a steel frame finished with hard coat spray and painted to look like a real banana. The sculpted banana was then mounted on the wall forty feet off the ground on the corner of The Bank in downtown J Street in Sacramento, California. “I just had to do it,” Shane laughed, “because I don’t think there’s ever been a five-foot banana hanging forty feet off the side of a building.” Check out the image by clicking here.

Martin Luther King Jr. – Portland, OR


During a time of civil unrest amidst the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in early 2020, a friend of Shane’s who lives and owns a business, Stahl Firepits, a fabrication shop, in Portland Oregon reached out to Shane to commission a dramatic black and white portrait of the late Dr. Martin Luther King Jr..  His heart was to foster a sense of cross-cultural unity within the community of nearby locally-owned and run shops and businesses. As Shane worked with acrylic and spray paoints on the sixteen-foot wide by fourteen-foot high mural, Portlanders approached Shane and personally let him know how much it meant to them to have such a grand, iconic representation of a man who passionately and peacefully sought unity in a time of civil unrest in his own day. Check out the image by clicking here.

The Spring Tree Installation – Bellagio Casino Conservatory & Botanical Gardens


In 2013 The Spring Tree was installed in the Conservatory & Botanical Gardens in the world-renowned Bellagio Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada. The magnificent forty-foot tall tree was the centerpiece and focal fixture of the Botanical Gardens and featured a grand archway that cut through the center of the tree, allowing visitors to cross through to the other side of the garden, as well as a platform from where different musical guests could perform. The tree was fashioned with a steel structure and sculpted foam spray hard coat, and the original concept design was based on several varieties of banyan trees with added fantastical elements to give the tree an ethereal, other-worldly quality. The tree was also designed to be disassembled and reassembled with interchangeable leaves that reflect the different seasons of the year. After the original concept was completed, the final concept design was rendered in 3-D in AutoCAD and Rhino, and over the course of the next two months that followed, steel fabricators, wood workers, sculptors, and scenic paint finishers worked collaboratively to bring the tree to life. Check out the image by clicking here.

Exclusive Tattoo Co. – Chico, California


Shane has always had a heart for the edgier, rhythmic stylings of contemporary street art culture. His design work caught the attention of the artist and owner of Exclusive Tattoo Co, which is located in Chico, California, on Esplanade, the main thoroughfare of the city. As a man of faith, the owner wanted the design to reflect his personal convictions. Shane presented him with three concepts. The design selected by the owner would ultimately become a tattoo of sorts in its own right, intended for the skin of the wall of his own business. Painted entirely in spray paint, the design features Christ, the chain-breaker himself, in realistic black and white portraiture surrounded by roses. The shop name stands out in the center of the mural, painted in bold graphic colors and iconic tattoo designs, in contrast to the monochromatic realism surrounding it. Check out the image by clicking here.

Art Installations

An art installation is best thought of as an environment created by the artist for the client that is specific to the site and the customer. Think of being transported into another realm that deals specifically with a particular subject or issue.  The creative considers the entire room and the impact it will have on; the space, the customer and the intended audience. Art installations are about the experience of those who view the work. When you walk into an installation the viewers are completely submerged and many of their senses are engaged. The artist contemplates the; visual, auditory, tactile, and olfactory elements of the work so that the chosen senses of the viewer are fully engaged.

Art installations make a statement that can be but not limited to; historical, social, political, economic, religious and cultural issues. Some installations can be funny and entertaining, while others can be serious and uncomfortable.

Shane Grammer is an artist who enjoys bring beauty and hope to serious situations. Shane always leaves the viewer looking towards the future with optimism and expectation of goodness and courage.


Scenic Fabrications

Scenic Fabrications combines creativity and craftmanship. These creations are formal impactful designs that are eye catching and draw people. When you think of scenic fabrication think of; theme parks, electrical or Rose Parade floats, special red-carpet events, music videos, trade shows, retail sales, and museum exhibitions.

Scenic fabrication takes your idea, your company, and your environment to the next level. You, your product, and your business will get noticed and get more customers. This is high end commercial environmental scenic landscapes where your target customer will get an idea of how serious you are about their business. When you choose scenic fabrication, your customer will know that you resolve to preform and deliver excellence to them because you have chosen quality design for yourself. As they come to you because of your idea for scenic fabrication and you consistently deliver, they won’t want to go anywhere else for their business but you.



Sculpture is 3-dimensional form. Sculpture can consist of; ice, plastic, stone, foam, fruits & vegetables, clay, concrete, wax, plaster, rubber fabric, metal, wood, or found objects. Sculpture can use only one of these materials or combine many different materials. Sculpture can range from high relief to low relief.  Early on sculpture was mostly represented in human forms such as David by Michelangelo. Recently sculpture has taken on wider variety of subject matter and has grown to include; abstract geometrical forms; interpretive human form, and spatial concepts.

Shane has created faux boats and vertical concrete sculptures to delight the audience and tickle the senses.