Shane Grammer Arts Reflections Of Serenity 3

Reflections of Serenity

The owner, lost everything on her property except for this Silo Shed. Very eager for Shane to paint something, she conveyed how much her property meant to her. She said if Shane only stepped foot on her property he would immediately understand her passion.

When photos of the silo shed were sent, Shane had immediate inspiration to paint. Stepping onto the property Shane took time to really experience what he was seeing. It is right off of a windy road in the middle of a lot of burned trees, many fell over but those that still stood, stood strong in the heavily wooded area. Listening for a bit, a creek could be heard in the distance, which brought the owner many days of serenity, peace. Two charred benches and a little table rested where she once sat and enjoying coffee in the morning, while reading a book.

The mural was painted so that the beautiful woman on it would be looking toward the creek. From this angle, passersby could view it from the nearby road and it is called ‘Reflections of Serenity’. The creation of this mural was documented by a team from the University of Notre Dame which can be found at