Shane Grammer Arts Sleeping Woman 1

Sleeping Woman

A gentleman reached out to Shane, via social media, with a wall he wanted him to paint. It stood 4 feet (1.22 m) tall, and 16 feet (ca. 5 m) wide. It was made with large rocks that had deep, cutting edges to them. At first viewing, Shane lacked vision for what he would do with it.

This is not a typically ideal canvas to paint on, as the texture needed to be addressed in the art. Shane really wanted to honor the owner of this wall, but could not find the right idea. It was 11PM at night at the time. Shane spent all day working when he was sent another gentle, persistent reminder from the owner that his wall would be available to paint on.

As a Christian, Shane, in exhaustion, prayed to Jesus for inspiration, and clear direction. Leaving his laptop and turning in for the night, he went to find rest with his wife. Then, at 7AM, Shane turned over to see his wife asleep. He instantly knew what he would paint, and quietly got his phone to take a photo reference.

Shane feels the message of this piece is open to interpretation. The final outcome is a beautiful, peaceful image of his wife sleeping in the snow. There is an almost black ring around her face creating a white halo.