Discipline: Art Installations

Hope Rises mural with Shane Gammer painting eyes

Hope Rises

Hope Rises art installation piece was created to mimic a burned out building in the Camp Fire in Paradise, CA. The 3D installation was for

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Bellagio Tree

Seasonal tree fabricated to set up and tear down. The steel structure with sculptured foam- spray hard coat with changeable leaves to reflect current season.

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Cool Wave Installation shot 4

Cool Wave Pansies

Cool Wave Pansies project by Shane Grammer was commissioned by Ball Horticultural Company for a Ventura County Trade Show. The concept piece features curling blue

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Shane Grammer painting Carrie Fisher mural in wilderness facing camera

Carrie Fisher

I wanted to create a beautiful art installation that celebrated Carrie Fisher and her beloved Star Wars character Princess Leia. My daughter and I thought

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Front view picture of PGAV Zebra painting

PGAV Zebra

More highlights from the PGAV IAAPA party. I was commissioned by PGAV Destinations to create a painting as a prize at there annual IAAPA Attractions

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