July 30, 2023

Art Style: Murals

Exclusive Tattoo Co.

Shane has always had a heart for the edgier, rhythmic stylings of contemporary street art culture. His design work caught the attention of the artist and owner of Exclusive Tattoo Co, which is located in Chico, California, on Esplanade, the main thoroughfare of the city. As a man of faith, the owner wanted the design to reflect his personal convictions. Shane presented him with three concepts. The design selected by the owner would ultimately become a tattoo of sorts in its own right, intended for the skin of the wall of his own business. Painted entirely in spray paint, the design features Christ, the chain-breaker himself, in realistic black and white portraiture surrounded by roses. The shop name stands out in the center of the mural, painted in bold graphic colors and iconic tattoo designs, in contrast to the monochromatic realism surrounding it.